• Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES Administration

    District Superintendent
    Sandra R. Sherwood
    Phone: 315-867-2023
    Fax: 315-867-2002
    Email: ssherwood@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
    James Picolla
    Phone: 315-867-2032
    Fax: 315-867-2002
    Email: jrpicolla@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
    Jodie Rodriquez
    Phone: 315-867-2052 
    Fax: 315-867-2053
    Email: jrodriquez@herkimer-boces.org 

    Director of Adult, Early Childhood and Outreach Education
    Mary Kline
    Phone: 315-867-2079
    Fax: 315-867-2087
    Email: mkline@herkimer-boces.org

    • Continuing Education, Adult and Community Education Coordinator
    • Education of Homeless Children
    • Employment Preparation Education Coordinator
    • Even Start Coordinator
    • GED (General Equivalency Diploma) Coordinator, over 18
    • Migrant Education Coordinator
    • School Age GED (General Equivalency Diploma)

    Coordinator of LPN Program
    Sara Nicolette 
    Phone: 315-867-2209
    Fax: 315-867-2207
    Email: snicolette@herkimer-boces.org

    Director of Special and Alternative Education
    Roberta Matthews
    Phone: 315-867-2056
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: rmatthews@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Special Education at WEB Complex
    Timothy Johnston
    Phone: 315-867-2042
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: tjohnston@herkimer-boces.org

    • Special Education, 12:1:1, 8:1:1

    Supervisor of Special Education North (Poland)
    Patricia Frank
    Phone: 315-826-7900
    Fax:  315-867-2024
    Email: pfrank@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Special Education South (Richfield Springs)
    Patricia Wilson
    Phone: 315-858-0610 X2356
    Fax: 315-867-2004
    Email: pwilson@herkimer-boces.org

    Principal of Alternative Education

    Patrick Corrigan
    Phone: 315-867-2200
    Fax: 315-867-2008
    Email: pcorrigan@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Principal of Alternative Education
    Dominick Stewart
    Phone: 315-867-2200
    Fax: 315-867-2008
    Email: dstewart@herkimer-boces.org

    Director of Technical Education and School to Careers
    Kathy Fox
    Phone: 315-867-2093 
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: kfox@herkimer-boces.org

    Principal of Techincal Education
    Christopher Grethel
    Phone: 315-867-2061
    Email: cgrethel@herkimer-boces.org

    • Career and Technical Education
    • VP-TECH

    Assitant Principal of Technical Education
    Amy Grimaldi
    Phone: 315-867-2259
    Email: agrimaldi@herkimer-boces.org

    • Regional Summer School

    P-TECH Coordinator
    Danielle Monahan

    Special Education Coordinator
    Kelly Rowland

    Supervisor of Instructional Support Services and Mentoring
    Sarah Trunfio

    Coordinator of Instructional Support Services, School to Careers and Itinerants
    Sheri Perry
    Phone: 315-867-2091
    Fax: 315-867-2004
    Email: sperry@herkimer-boces.org

    • Distance Education
    • Virtual High School - credit recovery and accrual courses
    • Subfinder

    Coordinator of Instructional Support Services, School to Careers and Regional Support Services
    Jon Griffith
    Phone: 315-867-3027
    Fax: 315-867-2004

    • Professional Development
    • Honors Program

    Health and Safety Service Coordinator
    Adam Hutchinson
    Phone: 315-867-2028
    Fax: 315-867-2053
    Email: ahutchinson@herkimer-boces.org

    Network Administrator
    John Gillette

    Director of Facilities
    Dan Parker

    Kate Keady

    Roxanne Gillen