• Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES Administration

    District Superintendent
    Sandra R. Sherwood
    Phone: 315-867-2023
    Fax: 315-867-2002
    Email: ssherwood@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services
    James Picolla
    Phone: 315-867-2032
    Fax: 315-867-2002
    Email: jrpicolla@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
    Jodie Rodriquez
    Phone: 315-867-2052 
    Fax: 315-867-2053
    Email: jrodriquez@herkimer-boces.org 

    Director of Adult, Early Childhood and Outreach Education
    Mary Kline
    Phone: 315-867-2098
    Fax: 315-867-2087
    Email: mkline@herkimer-boces.org

    • Continuing Education, Adult and Community Education Coordinator
    • Education of Homeless Children
    • Employment Preparation Education Coordinator
    • Even Start Coordinator
    • TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion) Coordinator, over 18
    • Migrant Education Coordinator
    • School Age TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion)

    Coordinator of LPN Program
    Sara Nicolette 
    Phone: 315-867-2209
    Fax: 315-867-2207
    Email: snicolette@herkimer-boces.org

    Director of Special and Alternative Education
    Roberta Matthews
    Phone: 315-867-2080
    Fax: 315-867-2004
    Email: rmatthews@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Special Education at WEB Complex
    Timothy Johnston
    Phone: 315-867-2202
    Fax: 315-867-2004
    Email: tjohnston@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Special Education North (Herkimer Elementary School)
    Patricia Frank
    Phone: 315-866-8562, extension 1046
    Fax:  315-867-2004
    Email: pfrank@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Special Education South (Richfield Springs)
    Patricia Wilson
    Phone: 315-858-0610 X2356
    Fax: 315-867-2004
    Email: pwilson@herkimer-boces.org

    Principal of Alternative Education

    Patrick Corrigan
    Phone: 315-867-2055
    Fax: 315-867-2008
    Email: pcorrigan@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Principal of Alternative Education
    David Itzo
    Phone: 315-867-2055
    Fax: 315-867-2008
    Email: ditzo@herkimer-boces.org

    Director of Technical Education and School to Careers
    Kathy Fox
    Phone: 315-867-2007
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: kfox@herkimer-boces.org

    Principal of Technical Education (Includes CTE and VP-TECH)
    Zane Mahar
    Phone: 315-867-2093
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: zmahar@herkimer-boces.org

    Assistant Principal of Technical Education
    Phil Keida
    Phone: 315-867-2093
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: pkeida@herkimer-boces.org

    P-TECH Coordinator
    Danielle Monahan
    Email: dmonahan@herkimer-boces.org

    Special Education Coordinator
    Kelly Rowland
    Phone: 315-867-2084
    Email: krowland@herkimer-boces.org

    Supervisor of Instructional Support Services and Mentoring
    Sarah Trunfio
    Phone: 315-867-2077
    Email: strunfio@herkimer-boces.org

    Coordinator of Instructional Support Services, School to Careers and Itinerants
    Sheri Perry
    Phone: 315-867-2077
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: sperry@herkimer-boces.org

    Coordinator of Instructional Support Services, School to Careers and Regional Support Services
    Jon Griffith
    Phone: 315-867-2077
    Fax: 315-867-2024
    Email: jgriffith@herkimer-boces.org

    Health and Safety Service Coordinator
    Adam Hutchinson
    Phone: 315-867-2035
    Fax: 315-867-2053
    Email: ahutchinson@herkimer-boces.org

    Network Administrator/Data Protection Officer
    John Gillette
    Phone: 315-867-2035
    Email: jgillette@herkimer-boces.org

    Director of Facilities
    Dan Parker
    Phone: 315-867-2035
    Email: dparker@herkimer-boces.org

    Kate Keady
    Phone: 315-867-2070

    Roxanne Gillen
    Phone: 315-867-2052