Itinerants are special area employees with various skills who are hired by BOCES on a full or part-time basis. They are assigned on a daily or hourly basis to those local districts who have a need for only part-time people. When an itinerant is assigned to a local school, he/she is under the supervision of the local administrator. The local district determines how the itinerant's time is to be used to best meet its needs. The itinerant is expected to adhere to the local school's calendar and hours. To qualify as a shared service for BOCES aid purposes, the participation of at least two districts is required. District costs for an itinerant are based on a pro-rated share of the salary, fringe benefits, substitute pay, travel, and supplies for the individual. Supplies and equipment for district or student use are not included.

  • Tim Johnston
    Coordinator of Itinerant and Related Services