Request for Services (RFS) Digital Form Submission:

  • Teachers and/or Principals enter school district arts-in-education and/or enrichment request for services through their specific district’s digital form found by clicking the corresponding school district link below.

  • Requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Approval will not be given by BOCES for a performance or event that has already taken place.

  • Form must be completed in one sitting. Don’t forget to click “Submit."

If form submission was successful:

  • Email address entered in the digital form will receive notification.

  • All administrators required for the approval process will be notified of the request via email.

Payment Process:

  • Once approved by all necessary district and BOCES personnel, BOCES will begin the payment process.

  • Once request for services is approved by BOCES, only BOCES is responsible for payments. Under NO circumstances should the school district/teacher/school organization/parent pay directly.

  • Please note: It is the district’s responsibility to notify the Office of Enrichment at 315-867-2077 immediately, if for some reason the event is cancelled or does not occur as scheduled. We will process paperwork for payment unless we hear otherwise from you.


  • The teacher/principal/district is responsible for making reservations and arrangements.

  • Things to ask when scheduling event:

    • Name, address, phone #, and/or email of contact person for billing.

    • If the vendor supplies an invoice number, order number, payment deadline, and/or billing contact be sure to include that information in area provided in the digital request form.

    • Does vendor/presenter accept purchase orders to be paid within 30 days after the event?

    • If PO’s are not accepted, ask when payment is expected.

Ask for an invoice - invoice must be made out to Herkimer BOCES (referencing the school district) - (or ask vendor to) send invoice directly to or Herkimer BOCES, 352 Gros Blvd, Herkimer, NY 13350, Attn: Arts-in-Ed.

Request for Services Digital Forms by School District: