Literacy Zone

Located at 320 N. Prospect St. in Herkimer.

Contact: Jackie Edwards 315-867-1515.

Serving the residents of the 13350 (Herkimer, NY) Zip Code.

A literacy support program for residents who are 16 years and older who would like help accessing services to improve their literacy skills or to receive assistance with overcoming barriers that may prevent them from being successful.

About the Literacy Zone

The Literacy Zone has partners to help the students or their families:

  • Improve literacy levels, birth through adult;
  • Transition to college;
  • Improve employment opportunities for individuals in poverty;
  • Transition from incarceration;
  • Support veterans transition to work force;
  • Find the pathways to citizenship and English language proficiency;
  • Support individuals with disabilities and their families;
  • Enable mature workers and senior citizens to stay out of poverty;
  • Discover workforce development programs including apprenticeship and career pathways, and
  • Explore cultural institutions and their offerings.

The Literacy Zone Family Welcome Center...
~ A coalition of collaborators ~ Meeting the individual needs of adults and families living in the 13350 zip code ~ Doors open to all ~ Working together to provide the skills needed to navigate systems ~ Discovering pathways out of poverty ~