Migrant education students interacting with a large puppet

Director: Mary K. Kline
315-867-2079 or 315-867-2096

This program is provided to assist school districts in meeting the needs of eligible migrant children. Children qualify for the program because of their family's movement across school district lines during the past 36 months to seek or obtain agricultural employment. Services include academic support in reading and other areas according to need. Some program options include parenting and preschool education for families with young children; family literacy for those families who wish to improve their literacy skills; a home-based summer program; PASS, an individualized study program for those who have failed or need to make up a course; advocacy services; a state and local Parent Advisory Council; home visits, and a census of eligible migrant families. This Tutorial Outreach Program serves over 120 school districts in 14 counties in Central and Eastern New York and is federally supported.

Please visit www.nysmigrant.org for more information.