Due to the current health crisis, our Pre-K staff are out of the office and working from home until further notice. Any Pre-K registrations that were to be held at the districts are cancelled, but we are still accepting applications for our summer and fall Pre-K programs at Herkimer BOCES. If you would like an application, please send a request for one and any questions to lhaggerty@herkimer-boces.org and an application will be emailed to you. In your request, please be sure to note how old your child is, what school district you reside in, and if you would like a summer and/or fall application so we can send the correct application to you. If you would prefer a physical copy mailed home, please leave your name and address in the email, but please note that it may take several days for it to arrive in the mail.

If you do not have computer or Internet access, you call (315) 867-2098 and leave a message request for an application so one can be mailed home to you. Please be sure to speak clearly in your message.

Or, you can mail a request for an application and any questions to:

Herkimer BOCES, Attn: Laura Haggerty, 352 Gros Blvd.,Herkimer, NY 13350

BOCES is working on a way for staff to be able to pick up their mail while their buildings are closed, but please note that emailing is currently the quickest, safest method to ask for and receive an application. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Targeted Prekindergarten
A primary goal of the Targeted Prekindergarten is to provide a quality program to three and four year old income eligible children so that they can successfully transition to kindergarten. In order to be eligible for Targeted Prekindergarten several factors are considered including income and family circumstances. The program is funded 89 percent by a state grant and the remainder by local school district funds. The program is free to parents.

Our programs provide:

  • Access to NYS certified professionals
  • Opportunities for Intellectual, Social and Physical Development
  • Successful transition to Kindergarten
  • Improved academic success
  • Strong Parent Participation

The Prekindergarten Program offers comprehensive services to families. Vision and hearing screenings, referrals to public health clinics for immunizations and lead screening are part of these services.

A Parent Advisory Council is formed at the beginning of the school year in each district and meets to help set up field trips, plan special occasions and advise the staff of family concerns.

Currently, centers are located in Dolgeville, Herkimer, Mohawk, Van Hornesville, and the Administrative Center located at 77 E. North St. in Ilion. All of the prekindergarten programs address the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards and allow for developmentally appropriate programming for young children.

Universal Prekindergarten
Herkimer BOCES facilitates the state-funded Universal Prekindergarten classes for the Frankfort-Schuyler and West Canada Valley Central School Districts. Each district is able to offer half-day classes for 18 children in each section. Registration is held in the and if needed selection is done by lottery.

Steps & Stages: Developmental Skills Checklists for Children Birth to Five