Communicate with Herkimer BOCES retirees:
A network has been established among the retirees of Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES for the purpose of notifying these individuals of events that may be of interest to them. If you would like to send a notice to the retirees, please send the information to David Dudgeon, and he will forward it to the group. His email address is: ddudgeon@twcny.rr.com

2019-20 Retirees:

  • Kurt Sunderland - Business Official, October 2019
  • Teresa Wren - Teacher Aide, June 2020
  • Ellen Fiorentino - Teaching Assistant, July 2020
  • Laurie DePalma - Teaching Assistant, July 2020
  • Sandra Adams - Cleaner, June 2020
  • Ellen McLaughlin - Senior Account Clerk, June 2020
  • Shelly Schwasnick - Teaching Assistant, September 2020

2018-19 Retirees:

  • Laurie Hedges – Assistant Superintendent, January 2019
  • Michelle Pinedo – Migrant Tutor, December 2018
  • Bruce Bennett – Technology Teacher, December 2018
  • Sherrilyn Wiers-Brown – Account Clerk, March 2019
  • Susan Archer – Teaching Assistant, June 2019
  • Sherri Morris – School Counselor, June 2019
  • Mary Watkins – Migrant Tutor, June 2019
  • Michael Platts – Cleaner, May 2019

A program of interest to retirees:
The Mohawk Valley Institute for Learning in Retirement (MVILR) is a great opportunity for retirees. Held on the campus of SUNYIT in Marcy, the program helps individuals to learn about subjects such as the arts, music, literature, computer science, personal growth, philosophy and social sciences. Journaling, basic watercolor, Zumba, skiing, Bonsai, Mah Jong, World War II, Amish, digital photography, and folk dancing are just a few of the recent offerings. Classes are held in fall, winter and spring semesters for one yearly fee. For more information on this program, check out the MVILR website: https://sunypoly.edu/mvilr.html