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Herkimer BOCES Pathways Academy students receive awards for various achievements

April 26, 2019

Pathways Academy Principal Patrick Corrigan speaking next to other staff during Pathways Awards

Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES Principal of Alternative Education Patrick Corrigan speaks during a Pathways Academy at Remington awards ceremony on Friday, April 26, in the cafeteria at the Remington school building in Ilion.

ILION – Leadership, improvement, hard work and attitude were among the qualities honored during a recent awards ceremony at the Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES Pathways Academy at Remington.

The third-quarter award ceremony for the 2018-19 school year took place on Friday, April 26, at the Remington Educational Complex in Ilion.

Pathways Academy focuses on students who have had a difficult time in a traditional school structure or have to catch up on credits but have the ability to get a high school diploma. Pathways Academy classes are project-driven and infuse career and technical education.

The quarterly Pathways Awards started last school year as part of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Pathways Academy. The PBIS program includes a new Pathways Academy Student Council and starting off the school year with a several-day orientation activity focused on teamwork among students, teachers and staff. It also includes students earning “BOCES Bucks” for positive behavior that they can use on reward days to purchase items or experiences.

The following is a list of the PBIS Awards for the third quarter of the 2018-19 school year and the students who received them:

High Honor Roll:

  • Brooke Green

  • Cierra Lacelle

Honor Roll:

  • Kayla Stevens

  • Sam Lynch

  • Dylan Coleman

  • Brandon Sorce

  • Christopher Pritchard

  • Michael Kimball

  • Benjamin Davis

  • Joel Torres

  • Thadius Schook

  • Storm Baker

  • Destiny LaBarge

  • Collin Helin

Merit Roll:

  • Storm Fidler

  • Karlie Grenicko-Haman

  • Sean Fellows

  • Kyle Boyer

  • Michael Seelman

  • Nathan Keeler

  • Paige Salerno

  • Kamren Louis

  • Hunter Conklin

  • Curtis Walker

  • Adah Howard

  • Preston Fonda

  • Cory LaPointe

  • Christopher Salati-Weir

Attendance Awards:

  • Michelle Farnsworth

  • Emily Shephard

Special Awards:

The following students won the Special Awards noted below by their names:

  • Aaron Crim: Most Improved, Outstanding Effort in Math

  • Devin Foley: Most Improved in English, Outstanding Effort in Math

  • Scott O’Dell: Best Effort, Participation Award

  • Haylee Schultz: Most Improved in Math

  • Brandon Sorce: Most Improved in Math

  • Alyssa Filmer: Hard Worker, Outstanding Effort in Math

  • Paige Salerno: Hard Worker

  • Gabrielle Swift: Career Exploration Initiative Award

  • Cody Maine: Career Exploration Most Improved on the Job

  • Ben Davis: Academic Achievement, Outstanding Effort in Math

  • Hunter Conklin: Positive Role Model

  • Storm Fidler: Outstanding Effort in Math, Most Improved Behavior

  • Logan Hart: Participation Award, Most Improved Behavior

  • A-onna Sageer: Most Helpful to Others

  • Michelle Farnsworth: Leadership Award

  • Brittany Martinez: Shows Initiative

  • Erika Hunt: Hard Worker

  • Ray Geise: Health Award

  • Thi-Quelle Van Guilder: PE Award, Academic Achievement in All Subjects

  • Trevor Schoonmaker: Academic Achievement in Social Studies

  • Larissa Taratuchin: Most Improved Overall

  • Brianna Trevor: PE Award

  • Kyle Boyer: PE Award, Most Helpful to Peers

  • Sam Lynch: Brought in Most Donations, Geometry Award, Most Responsible

  • Kayla Stevens: Excellent Attitude

  • Jason Canastra: Excellent Attitude

  • Collin Helin: Geometry Award

  • Cierra LaCelle: Hard Worker, Always Independently on Task

  • Karlie Grenicko-Haman: Most Improved Overall, Best Photographer, Hard Worker

  • Harmony Miller: Excelling in English, Algebra Award

  • Dylan Flike: Most Improved

  • Dylan Coleman: Excellent Effort, Hard Worker, Always Willing to Help Others, Great Behavior

  • Johnna Geweye: Shows Improvement in Geometry, Excels in English 11

  • Destiny Charles: Excellent Effort, Hard Worker

  • Desiray Thayer: Kind at Heart, Algebra Award

  • Joel Torres: Goes Above and Beyond, Algebra Award

  • Chris Pritchard: Kind at Heart, Algebra Award

  • Cheyanne Goodsill: Geometry Award

  • Sean Fellows: Algebra Award

  • Kamren Louis: Algebra Award

  • Nate Keeler: Algebra Award

  • Michael Seelman: Algebra Award

  • Hunter Farr: Staying on Task, Great Personality

  • Christian Arabia-Everson: Most Respectful, Responsible, Safe Behavior, Shows Chivalry

  • Tyler Knutti: Most Improved