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Herkimer BOCES employees honored at Board of Education reception

June 25, 2019

Six students who earned tenure pose by a standing Herkimer BOCES banner

Herkimer BOCES employees who achieved tenure during the 2018-19 school year pose for a photo during a June 13 Board of Education reception. From left: David Dow, science teacher; MaryBeth Napolitano, School to Careers liaison/work-based learning coordinator; Susan McMullen, teaching assistant; Chris Eckstrom, teaching assistant; Kathy Eysaman, teaching assistant, and Lindsay Blowers, counselor. Not pictured: Brandi Cavallaro, special education teacher.

The Herkimer BOCES Board of Education hosted a reception on June 13 for employees who achieved permanent status, employees earning tenure, 2018-2019 retirees and Board of Education President Daniel LaLonde, who is finishing up 15 years of dedicated service to the BOCES (read a separate story about LaLonde at

Congratulations to the following Herkimer BOCES employees for reaching these milestones!

During this school year, these individuals achieved permanent status:

  • Phyllis Bevers, teacher aide

  • Robert DeBiase, school safety officer

  • Jason Dodge, building maintenance mechanic

  • Cari Donahue, teacher aide

  • Valerie Falchi, teacher aide

  • Melissa Fried, teacher aide

  • Roxanne Gillen, accountant

  • John Gillette, network administrator

  • Carrie Gokey, teacher aide

  • Linda Hall, teacher aide

  • Bethann Hammer, senior account clerk

  • Ryan Harrington, school safety officer

  • Phyllis Hummel, clerk

  • Briana Jackson, OAI

  • Laurie Knopka, teacher aide

  • Evelynn Macri, OAI

  • Jose Malonado, teacher aide

  • Libee Mancini, teacher aide

  • Ruth Neff, senior account clerk

  • Daniel Palmisano, teacher aide

  • Cerina Spofford, teacher aide

  • Sabrina Taylor, teacher aide

  • Jade Wheeler, account clerk

  • Jackie Williams, senior account clerk

  • Austin Vickers, cleaner

During this school year, these individuals earned tenure:

  • Lindsay Blowers, counselor

  • Brandi Cavallaro, special education teacher

  • David Dow, science teacher

  • Chris Eckstrom, teaching assistant

  • Kathy Eysaman, teaching assistant

  • Susan McMullen, teaching assistant

  • MaryBeth Napolitano, School to Careers liaison/work-based learning coordinator

We wish the 2018-2019 retirees all the best:     

  • Susan Archer, teaching assistant

  • Bruce Bennett, technology teacher

  • Laurie Hedges, assistant superintendent

  • Sherri Morris, school counselor

  • Michelle Pinedo, migrant tutor

  • Michael Platts, cleaner

  • Mary Watkins, migrant tutor

  • Sherrilyn Wiers-Brown, account clerk


Three retirees pose for a photo at board reception.


Retiree Michael Platts poses for a photo next to BOCES banner

Additional photos of employees enjoying the June 13 board reception are also displayed below:

Employees sitting around a table at board reception

Employees sitting around a table at board reception

Some of the tenured employees stand holding flowers they received