Career Resource Tools

Xtreme Intern: Available at www.xtremeintern.com, Extreme Intern (XI) is an educational and career assessment too designed to assist students in eighth grade through college in recognizing their interests, natural talents and abilities, while applying them to virtual real-world career experiences.

There are two phases of Xtreme Intern. Both phases take 12 to 15 sessions that are 40 minutes each in order to complete one internship area.

  • Cloud City is designed for eighth-graders to 10th-graders to start. The choice of internships is based upon the national Career Cluster Survey and the Talent Preference Code, which is the national John Holland assessment (RIASEC) that all eighth-grade teachers should be using to some degree.
  • Global Planet Solutions is targeted for 11th-graders and up. The choice of internships is based upon the students’ Talent Preference Code, RIASEC.