Herkimer-Fulton-Hamilton-Otsego BOCES (Herkimer BOCES) will have an academic schedule for the 2020-2021 school year that aligns with student needs and component districts’ requests. Contingent schedules will also be created if and when the need arises to change the schedule. Schedules will be kept in SchoolTool through the Daily Calendar feature of our student information system. The Daily Calendar designates days in which attendance will be taken for students in SchoolTool. Changes of the schedule will be made via the Daily Calendar in SchoolTool based on changes to Herkimer BOCES schedule throughout the school year.

Herkimer BOCES will keep current on health/safety standards from New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). If the information provided by NYSDOH shows changes or adjustments need to be made to the school schedule such changes will be made.

Herkimer BOCES will post the 2020-2021 school schedule on the Herkimer BOCES website. Changes to the schedule will be communicated through the Herkimer BOCES website, social media sites, and via text/phone through the school messaging system to parents and staff.

Herkimer BOCES will prioritize the return of students and look at ways in which specific groups of students can attend in person more frequently. A BOCES serves at the request of our component school districts so the prioritization of students will be in collaboration with our component school districts.