Nursing Equal Opportunity Step Up Pilot Program

Step up to a career in nursing – fulfilling your personal career and community needs

Herkimer BOCES is embarking on a pilot program to facilitate the entry of individuals into its Adult Practical Nursing Program who have concerns about being prepared for the program. The new Nursing Equal Opportunity Step Up Pilot Program will start in summer 2023, and enrollment is open now.

It is hoped that this unique approach will bridge the educational gap (real or perceived) that prohibits many individuals from attempting to gain a nursing education and become licensed practical nurses. In particular, the program is aimed at individuals who have newly immigrated to the Mohawk Valley and high school students that may have faced stresses during the pandemic's educational process.

Those enrolled will be required to attend classes three days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for four weeks in August. During this time, reading, math and concept mapping will be addressed. An emphasis will be on English and medical vocabulary. Student skills will also be covered.

The additional classes provided to students through this pilot program require no additional costs for the students.

Students completing this summer program will then be enrolled in the part-time day practical nursing program on Thursdays and Fridays starting in September. They will be required to attend an additional day each week (Wednesday), to attend a structured study and test-taking class. This will allow them to continue developing their student skills within the framework of fundamentals of nursing.

The part-time day program last 20 months. It follows two secondary school years. Students who enter the program in August 2023 will graduate from the part-time day program in June 2025 if they stay on course with their studies and pass their classes and exams. Classes are held from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The school is currently located in Ilion and will be moving at the end of June to Herkimer.

To apply for this program, the individual must:

  • Present an official high school graduation transcript or GED diploma.

  • Present two professional references on school forms.

  • Complete an application.

  • Take an entrance exam. The KNAT by Kaplan is used. A score between 40-50 will be considered in reading and math in combination with high school transcripts.

  • Apply for and obtain adequate financial aid.

To stay in the program, the individual must

  • Attend all August classes and additional weekly classes during the program the first year.

  • Present proof of physical and required immunizations on school forms by Sept. 1.

  • Meet the stated program attendance requirements.

  • Maintain a 75 by the end of the first semester in the fundamentals of nursing class and the entry anatomy and physiology class.

Financial Aid is available through PELL grants and student loans. Various grants may also be available. First year tuition is $8,145. NOTE: There is no additional charge for the additional classes required by those in this pilot program.