Our LPN application process has multiple parts. Print off Checklist here

  • First, you must take an initial TEAS placement test (cost is $75). Remediation help is available if needed at no cost post exam. Another payment of $75 is needed in order to retake the test.

  • Second, you should obtain your professional references.

  • Third, order your official high school transcripts or GED.

  • Fourth, attend a scheduled interview with the Nursing Coordinator.

Details about Professional References

  • Two professional references must be submitted on on the schools reference form.

  • At least one should be work related from a direct supervisor. It should be within the last two years and cover at least a year’s acquaintance.

  • The second should be from another coworker or a community member who can speak to your ability to critically think and function in a trustworthy manner.

  • If you have not worked in the past two years then three community references can be submitted.

  • References cannot be relatives.

All references should be mailed, faxed or emailed per the instructions on the reference sheet.

Details About Official Transcript

  • We suggest you send for your official High School transcript or GED documentation as soon as you schedule your TEAS exam.

  • If you do not bring a sealed HS transcript or GED documentation to the TEAS test, order your Official High School Transcript or GED transcript as soon as possible. All information should be mailed to 352 Gros Blvd, Herkimer, NY 13350 attention: LPN Program. (New York State requires all Nursing schools keep an official transcript of a HS diploma or GED documentation in your file.) If you cannot find this documentation you should contact the Nursing Coordinator for assistance. The interview process and offer of admission cannot occur without it.

Details About Interview Process with Nursing Coordinator

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to assure that all paperwork has been received by the school.

  • After pretesting has been successfully completed and references and transcripts reviewed, the individual will be contacted by the school for an interview with the Nursing Coordinator via email.

  • The interview is held at the LPN Program school's campus located at 77 E. North St., Ilion, NY.

  • The interview will center on the program requirements. The applicant’s plans for family responsibilities, transportation, and finances will also be discussed. Any concerns the student may have involving their ability to be successful in school, on the State Board NCLEX exam or with state licensure should be addressed at this time.

  • Provided admission is offered, it is at the discretion of the LPN Coordinator which program will be offered.

Additional note: 

Criminal Records - If you have history of a felony, misdemeanor, have ever been dismissed for patient abuse or are a registered sex offender, you should be aware that you may have difficulty in obtaining clinical site clearance. It may also require a Morals Hearing before being granted licensure by the New York State Office of Professions.

Need an application packet, please call:  315-867-2210