Children in grades K-3 do not need standardized tests. You or someone you designate may write a “Year-End Narrative Assessment‟ instead. Children in grades 4-8 must take standardized tests at least every other year (or every year if you wish.) On alternate years, you may write a narrative assessment. If you do a narrative for grade 4, then you must give a standardized test for grade 5.

Children in grades 4-8, may be able to test in their neighborhood school, depending upon the district’s Board of Education Policy. Contact the school in the fall for tests dates.

Once testing has occurred, send in OFFICIAL TEST RESULTS as soon as possible. Only the official results that are sent from the testing service will be accepted as evidence of testing.

New York State Home Instruction Regulations require that students in grades 9-12 be tested every year. It is recommended that a New York state certified teacher administer the test, although the parent may do so. You are responsible for buying and administering the test so please make sure you allow time for ordering and shipping. You may want to also do an Internet search for other sources.

Students in grades 10 or 11 can take the PSAT in October. (Contact the school guidance counselor). Students in grades 11-12 may also take ACT ( or SAT or SAT II from College Board ( 12th-graders may also use any college placement test that is given by a college or university.