Capital Project & Facilities

WEB Complex, Remington complex and German Street buildings

Herkimer BOCES Capital Project Folder image

To access a Google folder with Capital Project documents, photos, Facilities Committee updates and more information, click here.

Capital Project & Facilities Overview

Component school boards approved the 2022 Herkimer BOCES Capital Project in September 2022 for an amount not to exceed $50 million. The project scope focuses on infrastructure upgrades to the Remington Educational Complex and William E. Busacker Complex buildings.

Improvements include fire safety systems, computer networking, codes updates, drainage, food service kitchens and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The computer networking improvements include the public address system, telephones, clocks, blue lights and security. The codes updates include removal of wire glass, replacement of non-compliant doors and Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility.

Additionally, buildings will see some program improvements to increase the BOCES capacity to service children with special needs. These include converting “adult spaces” at the WEB and Remington Complexes into classroom spaces and adding a fitness center. At Remington, plans include the conversion of spaces to meet the needs of older learners and the addition of a science lab.

Capital Project construction is set to begin in January 2024 and conclude in fall 2027.

In addition to the Capital Project, the BOCES is expanding its footprint at German Street. By moving our Instructional Support Services team (including our conference center), the Adult Practical Nursing Program and some Operations and Maintenance functions to the new location, we are able to better utilize space at the WEB and Remington for expanded student use.

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