Academic and Career Development Skills: Click here.

Administration: Click here.

Adult, Early Childhood and Outreach Education: Click here.

Adult Literacy Programs: Click here.

Advanced Career Immersion Experience (ACIE): Click here.

Arts in Education: Click here.

Assistant Superintendent: Click here.

Automotive Technology: Click here.


Basic Internship Placements: Click here.

Board Policy Development: Click here.

BOCES Board of Education: Click here.

BOCES Service Guidelines: Click here.

BOCES Service Request Dates: Click here.

Broadcast Occupations: Click here.

Building Construction: Click here.

Business and Financial Affairs: Click here.

Business Manager: Click here.

Business Tours I: Click here.

Business Tours II: Click here.


Career and Technical Education: Click here.

Career Awareness: Click here.

Career Preparation: Click here.

Career Seminars: Click here.

Career/CTE Job Shadowing: Click here.

CDOS Credentialing and Work Based Learning (WBL) Hours Support Level I: Click here.

CDOS Credentialing and Work Based Learning (WBL) Hours Support Level II: Click here.

Central Business Office: Click here.

Central Services-School Data Analysis: Click here.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): Click here.

Child Family Services: Click here.

Component School Districts: Click here.

Comprehensive District Education Planning: Click here.

Conservation: Click here.

Consultant: Click here.

Cooperative Curriculum Projects: Click here.

Cooperative Purchasing: Click here.

Coordinator of Professional Development: Click here.

Cosmetology: Click here.

Courier Service: Click here.

Criminal Justice: Click here.

Culinary/Hospitality: Click here.

Curriculum Audit: Click here.


Distance Education: Click here.

District Superintendent’s Services: Click here.


Education of Homeless Children: Click here.

Educational Crosswalks: Click here.

Elementary and Middle Level Behavioral Adjustment (K-8): Click here.

Employee Assistance Program: Click here.

Extended School Year: Click here.

External High School Diploma Program: Click here.


GRASP: Click here.

Guest Speakers: Click here.


Health and Safety Service: Click here.

Health and Safety Service Coordinator: Click here.

Health Insurance Administration: Click here.

Health Science Careers: Click here.

Heavy Equipment: Click here.

Home Health Aide (HHA) and Personal Care Aide (PCA): Click here.

Honors Program: Click here.


Incarcerated Youth Program: Click here.

Information Technology Academy: Click here.

Integrated Prekindergarten: Click here.

Intensive Behavioral Management: Click here.

Itinerant Instruction Staff: Click here.

Itinerant Related Service Providers: Click here.

Itinerant Services: Click here.


Job Shadowing Experience: Click here.

Junior Career Journeys: Click here.


Learning Integrated with Functional Experiences (L.I.F.E.) 12:1:3:1: Click here.

Liaison with SED: Click here.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Click here.

Literacy Zone: Click here.


Medicaid Billing: Click here.

Migrant Education Tutorial and Support Services (METS): Click here.

Mission: Click here.


Occupational Assessment: Click here.

Occupational Therapists: Click here.

Outdoor Power Equipment: Click here.


Pathways Academy: Click here.

Pen in Hand Writers Conference: Click here.

Physical Therapists: Click here.

Planning and Grant Writing: Click here.

Prekindergarten: Click here.

Preparing for the Job Shadowing Experience: Click here.

Primary Level 8:1:1: Click here.

Printing: Click here.

Project Reconnect: Click here.


Records Management: Click here.

Regional Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center: Click here.

Regional STC Events: Click here.

Rising Seniors: Click here.


Safety Services: Click here.

School to Careers: Click here.

Service Industry II: Click here.

Shared Legal Services: Click here.

Social Workers: Click here.

Special Education: Click here.

Specific District Career Planning (Guidance Plan Support): Click here.

Speech and Language Therapist - Serving CSE and CPSE: Click here.

Speech and Language Therapist - Speech Improvement: Click here.

Speech-Language Pathologist - Consulting Services: Click here.

Staff Development – Board of Education: Click here.

Staff Development – Civil Service: Click here.

Staff Development – Clerical: Click here.

Staff Development – Transportation: Click here.

State Aid Planning: Click here.

STC Level I Services: Click here.

STC Level II Services: Click here.

SubFinder: Click here.

Superintendent Searches: Click here.


Targeted Prekindergarten: Click here.

Trade Industry I: Click here.

Trade Industry II: Click here.

Transition Specialist: Click here.

12:1:1 Primary and Intermediate Academics Class: Click here.


Universal Prekindergarten: Click here.


Virtual Learning: Click here.

Vision: Click here.

Visual Communications Media Arts: Click here.

VP-TECH (Valley Pathways in Technology Early College High School: Click here.


Welding and Metal Fabrication Technology: Click here.

Workers’ Compensation: Click here.

Workshops Package A: Click here.

Workshops Package B: Click here.