Science Resources

Welcome to the Herkimer BOCES Science Resources page.

This page was created to support our regional science teachers with curriculum resources and support. Many of the resources shared on this page are credited to the Regional Science Roundtable PLC, the Science Statewide Curriculum Development Network, STANYS, NYS Office of Curriculum and Instruction, NYS Office of Assessment and collaboration with Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES. Links to these sites are available in the current research link on the page. Design of these resources are credited to the work of the educational collective that have been providing these resources for years. Specific content driven resources are available through the provided links.

Naturalist Outreach Program Blog

Next Generation Science Standards

New York State Museum

NYSED Science

Paul Andersen - Wonders of Science
This website provides guidance on the NGSS and the alignment of practices, crosscutting concepts, and building phenomenon in your classrooms.

Next Generation Science Storylines
Provides guided examples of storylines designed to allow students to look at phenomenon and solve real world problems. This is aligned to the Inquiry approach to science, which supports the vision of the NGSS.

National Science Teachers Association
The source of the NGSS. This site provides guidance on reading the current standards, providing example lessons that have been vetted nationally, and providing user friendly guidance around implementing the standards.

New York State Science Consortium
The New York State Science Consortium is a collaboration of representatives from New York State Science Professional Organizations that work closely with the New York State Education Department to discuss the teaching and learning of Science to students in the state.

Digital Resources SNAP Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES
Districts in our region have access to the SNAP resources through OHM. Lots of valuable digital resources including online articles and texts.