Social Studies Resources

Welcome to the Herkimer BOCES Social Studies Resources page.

The C3 Framework provides a rigorous curriculum that prepares students to be College, Career, and Civic Ready. Civic Readiness is potentially the most significant of the three Cs when discussing the robust social studies curriculum in our schools, communities and state. As educators we strive to provide equitable resources, opportunities, and support for our students in social studies. This page is designed with the common educator in mind. As well as support for our more seasoned veterans. Whether you are here to find resources to support your classroom, or wish to get “lost” in the research, we welcome all users.

The following are research and resources to support your lifelong learning of social sciences. We are open to take suggestions for research links, articles, and websites that support you as individual learners.

Below are some links that will direct you to online articles on social sciences, providing you with the current research on instructional practices in social studies.

NYS K-8 Social Studies Framework

NYS 9-12 Social Studies Framework

New York State Education Department
New York States Education Department provides the most comprehensive support for educators. Your first stop provides access to state updates, state standards, and information on state assessments.

New York State Council for the Social Studies
NYSCSS is the statewide professional organization of social studies educators. Our members are committed to ensuring that all students graduate from high school and college ready for lifelong learning, engaging careers, and active civic life.

National Council for Social Studies
A one stop shop for all social studies research and instructional resources. Providing support for teachers working in the C3 Framework. The publications page has a depth of resources for current research in instructional practices.

C3 Teachers
Resources supporting the C3 Framework and Inquiries work. Check out the BLOGS section for classroom teachers describing their experiences using the C3 Framework. As well as links to the NY Hub for Inquiries.

New York State Museum
A wonderful resource for research and collections of primary artifacts and documents. In collaboration with the New York State Archives and New York State Library. This website is loaded with educational resources for your classrooms.

New York State Archives/Archives Partnership Trust
Operating as two different webpages – these two pages provide access to primary source documents and artifacts unique to New York State. Also collaborating with the New York State Museum and Library – there are a vast number of resources provided for teachers at all grade levels.

Stanford History Education Group
Reading Like a Historian educational resources, lesson plans, assessments, and document-based learning. This website provides a depth of instructional strategies focused on document analysis.