Transfer Options


Request for transfer from LPN programs is reviewed on a case by case basis. Transcripts and references from prior LPN school are required.


Request for transfer from RN programs is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, the person requesting transfer would be actively attending classes toward their RN. Successful completion of the first year of their RN program is a must. Most students requesting transfer had difficulties in the 3rd semester of the RN program.

Options for completion time lines are for those requesting transfer in mid-December are:

  1. Full time with completion in June of the same school year.

  2. Part-time evenings of the current school year. Completion could be anticipated June of the second year of the program.

Determination of course time granted for credits transferred is based on 37.5 clock hour equivalent for each college credit or hour for hour from another clock hour program. The transcript evaluation and curriculum review shall be done by the nursing coordinator. Clinical skills shall be tested in the nursing lab with remediation given as necessary.

Placement into a program tract will be done based upon a review of the prior school’s curriculum, the general timing of classes being taught at Herkimer BOCES Practical Nursing Program at the time of the transfer request and the entrance interview. Decisions on the ability to transfer are at the discretion of the nursing coordinator.