Year-End Narrative Assessments may be written by a certified teacher, a home instruction peer review panel, or the person in charge of the home instruction. The Year-End Narrative Assessment is generally a one-page overview of the student’s learning. It is recommended that you look over samples of work your child has done for the year before beginning to write. The assessment should focus on the growth and achievements over the year in all content areas.

  • Please list your child’s name, grade level and the school district. Include your name and contact information (and the name of the person writing the assessment, if it is not you.)

  • List the high points or areas of strength in each of the content areas.

  • List those areas that need improvement or weaknesses that could be addressed in next year’s Individualized Home Instruction Plan.

  • Write a paragraph identifying whether the work accomplished was adequate or inadequate to be promoted to the next grade.