Herkimer BOCES Spotlight imagery with a photo of Erin Reed

We're now introducing our new "Herkimer BOCES Spotlight" - beginning by highlighting some of the many great people on our Herkimer BOCES team through Q&As.

The first spotlight is on: Herkimer BOCES Special Programs speech language pathologist Erin Reed.

Q. About when did you start working in your current position at Herkimer BOCES?

A. September 2017.

Q. What led you to your current position at Herkimer BOCES?

A. I started my career working for the hospital system. There, I was able to obtain experience working with inpatients and outpatients from toddlers to the elderly. Over the years, I developed an interest in working with children on the autism spectrum, which led me to my current position at Herkimer BOCES.

Q. What do you find rewarding about working in your current position?

A. Giving students a means of communication.

Q. When did you first know you wanted to work in this field and what made you feel that way?

A. I always knew I wanted to work with children, but I did not want to have a classroom full of students. My high school counselor recommended speech language pathology as a career option to be able to work with children in a more 1:1 setting.

Q. What do you think makes Herkimer BOCES special?

A. Our dedication to going above and beyond to provide our students with the best education possible.

Q. What value do you believe Herkimer BOCES provides for students and/or the community?

A. Providing individualized education based on students’ strengths.