Student points at her project as another student looks on
Collage of four VP-TECH graduates. Three of them receiving Herkimer College degrees in photos and one in front of a space shuttle.
Students listening to speakers at Art Career Day
Adult LPN students in class
2023 SBI Awards Program
Public Forum Regional Rural Issues Forum image with a bus driving down a road
Nursing student looking up at nursing instructor
Building Construction student drilling while working on a house
Frankfort-Schuyler representatives at What's Great in Our State with award
Child and Family Services student presenting for public speaking project
Herkimer BOCES logo Creating Opportunities for Growth
VP-TECH logo
Frankfort-Schuyler students participating in the cross age mentoring program in a classroom
Herkimer BOCES Health Science Careers student Madison Russell
Three Pathways Academy students and English teacher in podcast recording booth with a sign that says "Live On Air"
Adult LPN student Rebecca Chol
SkillsUSA Visual Communiactions students holding banners
Herkimer BOCES logo Creating Opportunities for Growth
Building Construction student working on a house
Spring Bulb Sale to benefit student scholarship online sale now through May 15