Herkimer BOCES Spotlight imagery with a photo of William Carpenter teaching students outside

Q. About when did you start working in your current position at Herkimer BOCES?  

A. 2016.    


Q. What led you to your current position at Herkimer BOCES?  

A. I attended Paul Smith’s College, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in fisheries and wildlife science. I worked for a variety of different conservation and wildlife agencies such as Vermont Fish and Game, the Vermont Department of Agriculture and the New York State Department of Conservation.


Q. What do you find rewarding about working in your current position?  

A. I find it incredibly rewarding to see my students grow and succeed. It's amazing to witness their progress and know that I've played a small part in their learning journey.  


Q. When did you first know you wanted to work in this field and what made you feel that way?  

A. I've always had a passion for the environment and helping others, so becoming a Conservation teacher felt like a natural fit for me. I realized I wanted to work as a teacher during my college years when I had the opportunity to volunteer and teach students about the environment.  


Q. What do you think makes Herkimer BOCES special?  

A. The amazing community of educators and students who are passionate about learning and supporting one another is what makes Herkimer BOCES special.


Q. Did you attend Herkimer BOCES in high school? If so, what program were you in?  

A. My mother attended the early childhood and development program here at Herkimer BOCES.    


Q. What value do you believe Herkimer BOCES provides for students and/or the community?  

A. Herkimer BOCES is awesome for students and the community! It offers several programs that help students get ready for their future careers or college. Plus, it's a place where students feel supported and encouraged to grow. For the community, BOCES produces skilled graduates who can contribute to the local workforce and economy. They also team up with community organizations, making a positive impact on everyone involved.