Adult LPN student Natasha Cool in class

The countdown continues to apply for our next full-time and part-time Adult Practical Nursing classes, and we’re counting down by highlighting current students!

As of April 25, there are 37 days left to apply for the Adult LPN Program full-time class and 98 days left to apply for the part-time classes. But space is limited, and time is of the essence, so apply now!

To schedule your entrance exam and start the application process, call 315-867-2206. For more info, click here.  

Adult LPN Program Student Spotlight:  

Name: Natasha Cool  

Class: Part-time evening (graduating June 2023)  

Where do you live: Frankfort  

Tell us about your family: My family includes my significant other, Raheem, and our 1-year-old daughter, Alexis.  

Tell us about your past work experience: I worked at Valley Health for four years and now work at Masonic going on two years.  

Why do you want to be a nurse? I’ve always loved people, especially the geriatric community, and my family has worked in healthcare. I love the people and their stories. Along with the hands-on experience.  

Why did you pick this program? I picked this program because it worked with my schedule. Through others, been told it is a very family friendly and caring environment, with strong understanding and knowledgeable teachers.  

What do you find most challenging? Juggling life and school as a mom and worker.  

What do you find most rewarding? Seeing the hard work and sacrifices pay off.  

What do you want to do after nursing school? I would love to continue on my education in the healthcare industry.