VP-TECH student Christopher Mark Janis senior photo

VP-TECH Senior Student Spotlight: Christopher Mark Janis


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How many college credits have you earned through VP-TECH?

Currently 28.5.


What are your plans for the future (college, career)?

I am going to get an associate degree in quality assurance.


What do you like about going to VP-TECH?

The small classes and people.


What's an interesting experience you had at VP-TECH that helped prepare you for college and/or a career?

I had to make a resume and cover letter and stuff like that.


What is the coolest technology you've been able to use at VP-TECH, and why did you enjoy using it?

All the machines in the Advanced Manufacturing room because they are fun to use.


What is a challenge you overcame while attending VP-TECH?

All of the presentations I had to do.


What did you find valuable about attending VP-TECH with students from other school districts?

I got to learn their perspectives on their own schools and my school.


What would you say to a current eighth-grader who is considering whether to apply for VP-TECH?

You should join. It is really an experience of a lifetime.



The deadline to apply for VP-TECH is May 2. Apply here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/apply-for-vp-tech


Find out more about VP-TECH here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/vp-tech