VP-TECH student Logan DeGuarde senior photo

VP-TECH Senior Student Spotlight: Logan DeGuarde


Home school district:



How many college credits have you earned through VP-TECH?



What are your plans for the future (college, career)?

Engineering and sustainability.


What do you like about going to VP-TECH?

Hands-on experience with tons of opportunities and plenty of tools and technology at your disposal.


What's an interesting experience you had at VP-TECH that helped prepare you for college and/or a career?

The whole thing, from trips to local businesses to hands-on help from my teachers. VP-TECH is an experience in itself, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.


What is the coolest technology you've been able to use at VP-TECH, and why did you enjoy using it?

The laser engraver or the 3D printers. Computer design isn’t easy, but it’s cool to be able to create something physical right from your computer.


What is a challenge you overcame while attending VP-TECH?

Time management.


What did you find valuable about attending VP-TECH with students from other school districts?

It really allowed for there to be a diverse group of kids and allowed you to meet people you may not have from your home school.


What would you say to a current eighth-grader who is considering whether to apply for VP-TECH?

Everyone here is willing to work with you and help you no matter what you plan to do for your future. And don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or for help.



The deadline to apply for VP-TECH is May 2. Apply here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/apply-for-vp-tech


Find out more about VP-TECH here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/vp-tech