VP-TECH student Rose Johnson senior photo

VP-TECH Senior Student Spotlight: Rose Johnson


Home school district:

Central Valley.


How many college credits have you earned through VP-TECH?

As far as I remember, I have over 14 college credits from what I had last counted. I probably have a little more than that now.


What are your plans for the future (college, career)?

My plans have changed. Before, I was going to graduate and go straight to Herkimer College in the fall semester for a studio arts degree. Now, because I do not have a license or vehicle, I am pushing it back and going to Herkimer College for a business degree instead in the fall semester of 2023. The following rest of this year I will be getting a full-time job.


What do you like about going to VP-TECH?

It gave me opportunities I would not have had if I stayed at my home district. It gave me the chances to be more creative in my life and helped me find people I can have future connections to, even on a business standpoint.


What's an interesting experience you had at VP-TECH that helped prepare you for college and/or a career?

I was given a lot of creative chances on making designs and logos for teachers in the program. It helped me build more on what I wanted to eventually create for my life. But I can say the best decision I made in this program was being a part of Mr. Carpenter's small business management class and doing technical writing.


What is the coolest technology you've been able to use at VP-TECH, and why did you enjoy using it?

The coolest technology I used here was the lathe. I enjoyed using it the most because it became something I was able to get most familiar with quickly.


What is a challenge you overcame while attending VP-TECH?

Mine is more on a deeper note. I was able to overcome my parents’ divorce while attending this program because of all the help and comfort the teachers and my classmates gave me. I struggled for years but was able to push through thanks to the support I was given by everyone that helped me become more focused on working for me and my future.


What did you find valuable about attending VP-TECH with students from other school districts?

I got to know more about my community and the people that were in it.


What would you say to a current eighth-grader who is considering whether to apply for VP-TECH?

It is a great way to get change your environment and learn better the way you want to. Just never be afraid to talk to your classmates. From the moment you join to your last day of school, they'll be a family.

The deadline to apply for VP-TECH is May 2. Apply here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/apply-for-vp-tech


Find out more about VP-TECH here: https://www.herkimer-boces.org/page/vp-tech