Adult LPN student Jennie Wick in the lab

The countdown to apply for our next full-time and part-time Adult Practical Nursing classes by highlighting current students concludes here!

As of May 27, there are five days left to apply for the Adult LPN Program full-time class and 66 days left to apply for the part-time classes. But space is limited, and time is of the essence, so apply now!

To schedule your entrance exam and start the application process, call 315-867-2206. For more info, click here.  

Adult LPN Program Student Spotlight:  

Name: Jennie Wick  

Class: Full-time  

Where do you live: Herkimer  

Tell us about your family: Husband, daughter, three cats.  

Tell us about your past work experience: Lexington, Valley Health Services.  

Why do you want to be a nurse? Good job availability with different types of work environment options.  

Why did you pick this program? The reputation – I know several past students. The location is convenient.  

What do you find most challenging? The clinical hours (scheduling the rest of personal life).  

What do you find most rewarding? Applying my knowledge and skills to the real world.  

What do you want to do after nursing school? I’d like to become a scrub nurse eventually.