Student and teacher standing by Grinch-themed decorated wall

The Herkimer BOCES Pathways Academy recently conducted a schoolwide wall-decorating contest for the holiday season.

“Staff and students jumped at the chance to decorate and make our halls more festive and colorful and had a lot of fun doing so,” Pathways teaching assistant Cheri Evangelista said.

Ms. Gorman's class was the winner of the wall decorating contest and her class will enjoy a pizza party. All other classes that participated will also get snacks delivered to their classrooms.

The Teen Outreach Program allocated funds to each classroom to support the use of decorations and supplies of their choice.

The decorated walls were judged on visual impact, craftsmanship, completeness, originality, creativity, theme and student participation. The judges were Mr. Spatto, Mrs. Haver, Mr. Eckstrom, Mrs. Gleitsmann and Ms. Barnes. 

The wall-decorating contest was part of a “12 Days of Christmas” plan at Pathways Academy this December, featuring various themed days and activities.

Another one of the activities involved students and staff from the ARCHES program walking around the school building handing out candy canes and other candy to help make things a little more festive, Evangelista said.

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